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Deathcaster, a Shattered Realms Novel

The last of four novels in The Shattered Realms series
From Harper Teen
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About Deathcaster

Three rival armies rip the Seven Realms apart as the Ardenine empire descends into chaos. Young commander Hal Matelon has committed himself to serving the queendom in the north, but finds himself embroiled in a deadly civil war in the south between King Jarat and the rebellious thanes.

Anxious to return to the Fells and yet remain free of the empress’s blood curse, Gray Wolf heir Alyssa ana’Raisa makes a bitter bargain. She agrees to lead Celestine’s bloodsworn army into the heart of the realms. If she fails to meet Celestine’s expectations, she stands to lose her family, her queendom, and her life.

Unable to free Alyssa from Celestine’s stronghold in the Northern Islands, Ash and Jenna fly back to the Seven Realms, hoping their powerful dragon allies can turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile Evan Strangward sets out to break Celestine’s hold on the desert coast. In the process, he and Breon d’Tarvos begin to solve the puzzle of the magemarks and their magical birthright.

Secrets are revealed, old betrayals exposed, and the bonds of blood and friendship tested as this final installment of the Shattered Realms series stampedes to its breathtaking conclusion.

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