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Characters in The Shattered Realms Series

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Abbott, Talia Fells A Gray Wolf; Classmate of Amon’s; Moonspinner
Abelard, Mina Oden’s Ford Member of the Wizard’s Council in Oden’s Ford; once Dean of Mystwerk House, master in Han’s wizardry class
Abellon, Jezira Oden’s Ford Master of Mystwerk Guild House
Abhayi, Arya Carthis Storm born and sworn sword of Evan Strangward
Adoni Fens Brother of Cadri, counselor to Dimitri of the Waterwalkers
Alister sul’Alger Fells Son of Hanalea and Alger, twin to Alyssa, Han’s ancestor
Alister, Danel Fells Han Alister’s soldier father
Alister, Hanson aka Han sul’Alger Fells Former gangleader and thief; known as “Cuffs” in Ragmarket and “Hunts Alone” by the clans; wizard consort to Queen Raisa ana’Marianna
Adrian sul’Han (Ash) Fells Son of Raisa and Han, a gifted healer with a special affinity for animals; clan name: Dreamfisher; school name Ash Hanson, son of a landowner in the borders; travel name Adam Freeman
Hanalea ana’Raisa Fells Eldest daughter of Han and Raisa, the Princess Heir, killed on the border by Ardenine troops; clan name Trailrunner
Alyssa ana’Hanalea Fells Former Queen of the Fells, daughter of Hanalea, founder of the New Line of queens
Alyssa ana’Raisa Fells Princess Heir of the Fells, younger daughter of Han Alister and Raisa ana’Marianna; clan name Meadowlark; at Naeming Gray Wolf; field name Lyssa Gray
Argincourt, Helene Arden One of Queen Marina’s ladies in waiting
Askell, Taim Oden’s Ford Dean of Wien House, the school for warriors at Oden’s Ford
Baines, Brody Carthis Crew on Cloud Spirit, later bloodsworn to Celestine
Balthus, Joniah Oden's Ford Dean of the ‘wizards’ Halls at Oden’s Ford
Bannock, Samuel Fells Dedicate at Southbridge Temple
Bandelow, Jenna Delphi Magemarked, orphaned. Adopted daughter of Will Hamlet, innkeeper; mine name Riley Collier; street name Flamecaster
Barkleigh, Mandy The Fells Mistress of Kitchens, Fellsmarch Castle
Barbeau, Annette (Nettie) Arden Bathing girl, Palace of Ardenscourt
Barbeau, Charles
Arden Bastard son of a loyalist thane; named captain of Jarat’s kingsguard
Barnes Fells Commander of one of the salvos in the attack on Delphi
Barrett, Julianna Fells Daughter of Gladwin Barrett and Mellony ana’Marianna; officially Julianna ana’Mellony, but goes by Barrett
Barrett, Gladwin Fells Member of the Vale nobility; merchant and ship-owner, married Mellony ana’Marianna, died in the war within the last few years
Barrowhill, Lila Fells Cadet at Wien House, black marketer and smuggler
Bayar, Gavan Fells Micah Bayar’s father and High Wizard of the Fells;
Bayar, Fiona Fells Micah Bayar’s twin sister; deceased
Bayar, Kinley Fells Wizard chosen by the Wizard Council to marry Hanalea; ancestor of Gavan Bayar
Bayar, Micah Fells Wizard and son of the High Wizard of the Fells; once a suitor to Raisa; now High Wizard of the realm
Beauchamp, Charles Arden Bannerman of Botetort
Beaugarde, Taliesin Oden’s Ford Voyageur, hedge witch and healer, herbalist; Adrian’s teacher at Oden’s Ford
Bellamy, Aldric Arden Master of horse at Ardenscourt
Bellamy, Eric Arden Son of the master of horse, corporal in the Ardenine army
Bennett Paul Fells Young gray wolf, in Alyssa’s guard
Bernard, Jock Arden Delphi Matelon’s second in command
Bosley, Aquilla (Quill) Fells Lieutenant in the Highlander Army, youngest son of Rupert, a member of the Vale Nobility; suitor to Alyssa
Botetort, Eliot Arden Eldest son of Michel Botetort, friend to Jarat
Botetort, Michel Arden Montaigne’s most important thane ally; regular customer of Lila’s; commander of a large contingent of soldiers in the Ardenine Army
Bouchard, Raoul Arden Blacksmith on White Oaks estate
Boyd Arden Apprentice in the healing halls at Ardenscourt
Byrne, Amon Fells Captain of the Queen’s Guard of the Fells
Byrne, Edon Fells Captain of the Queen’s Guard of the Fells; Amon’s father
Byrne , Gideon Fells Ancestor of Amon Byrne, attended Wien House, innovated battle strategies
Byrne, Ira Fells Amon’s younger brother, eight years younger
Byrne, Lila Fells Daughter of Amon Byrne
Byrne, Lydia Fells Sister of Amon Byrne, aunt to Lila and Simon; artist
Byrne, Simon Fells Eldest son of Amon Byrne
Carew, Les Fells Gray wolf, killed in attack on Lyss in Southbridge
Chambord, Charles Arden Frances’s brother, Lord Chambord
Chambord, Frances Arden Wife to Marin Karn, mother to Destin Karn
Chambord, Austelle & Vivienne Arden Grandparents of Destin Karn; parents of Frances Chambord
Clermont, Marc Arden Commander (captain) of the King’s Guard, Delphi
Cole, Aubrey Arden Thief, performer in the Realms
Cooper Yorie Delphi Freedom fighter in Delphi
Cousineau Arden One of Hal’s seasoned soldiers
DeJardin, Marc Arden Collared mage at King Gerard’s court
DeLacroix, Lady Estelle Arden Gerard Montaigne’s mistress
DeLacroix, Pascal Arden Father of Estelle
DeLacroix, Patrice Arden Mother of Estelle
DeLacroix, Rolande Arden Brother to Estelle, allied with Matelons
Demonai, Averill Fells Son of Elena, Trader, and Patriarch of the Demonai Lodge;  former Demonai warrior, Raisa’s father
Demonai, Elena Fells Matriarch of Demonai Lodge, Raisa’s grandmother; goldsmith and crafter of magical tools
Demonai, Shilo Trailblazer Fells Matriarch of the Demonai Warriors
DeVilliers, Hadley Fells Daughter of Adam Gryphon and Mordra DeVilliers; wizard, ship’s captain and founder of the fledgling Fellsian navy
deVilliers, Mordra Fells Married to Adam Gryphon; wizard
Dunedain, Char Fells Graduate of Wien House, fought as a mercenary in Arden, colonel in the army under Klemath, transferred to the guard. Now general of the Highlander army.
Dubai, Annamaya Fells A Southern Islander, tall, sturdy, daughter of a striper (mercenary) in the Fellsian army; a student at the Temple School in Oden’s Ford; married to Amon Byrne; mother of Lila and Simon Byrne; died in childbirth with Lila
Dupont Arden Duty officer under Hal Matelon at Delphi
Ephraim Carthis One of the Bloodsworn, killed at Ardenscourt
Farrow, Demeter Fells New lieutenant in Lyss’s salvo, a waterwalker
Fenwaeter, Dimitri Fells Headman of the Waterwalkers in the Fens; Amon’s friend; son of Cadri
Flamecaster (Cas) Carthis Sun dragon
Flamecaster Oden’s Ford Street name of saboteur and spy against Arden
Fleury, Guy Arden Blackbird guard for King Gerard
Fosnaught, Cedric, Father Arden Principia of the Church of Malthus
Fraser, Lucas Fells Wizard and best friend of Alger Waterlow
Freeman, Adam Arden Adrian’s farrier name while traveling in Arden as a farrier
Frowsley, Lucius Fells Blind moonshiner and recluse who lives on the slopes of Demonai
Fry, Garret Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon’s at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard; orphan from We’enhaven; now a colonel in the Highlanders
Gaboury, Therese (Treece) Ardenscourt Bathing girl at the palace
Gillen, Mac Fells Sergeant in the Queen’s Guard assigned to Southbridge Guardhouse (DK) and The West Wall (EQ)
Granger Luc Arden Bannerman of Botetort; son of Philippe
Graves, Donnell Fells Husband to Lydia Byrne; brother-in-law of Amon Byrne; a merchant
Graves, Munroe Fells Highlander, duty officer at Chalk Cliffs
Gray, Amy Fells Grand-niece to Magret Gray; one of Cat’s eyes and ears; a maiden of Hanalea
Gray, Magret Fells Nurse to Raisa and Mellony
Gray, Velvet Fells Ragger gang member, Cat’s boyfriend; nephew to Magret Gray
Greenberry, Bosley Arden Chamberlain to King Gerard
Greenholt, Ruby Fells Adopted daughter of Pearlie and Talia Abbott
Greenholt, Pearlie Arden,
Oden’s Ford
Ardenine weaponsmaster of Wien House; Talia’s lover; Moonspinner; becomes a Gray Wolf when she accompanies Talia north to the Fells in GWT
Gryphon, Adam Fells Wizard and member of the Wizard Council; father to Hadley Devilliers, Ty
Gryphon, Titus (Ty) Fells Son of Adam Gryphon and Mordra DeVilliers; wizard, apprentice healer
Hadron, Timus Oden’s Ford Proficient in  Mystwerk House, wizards’ School at Oden’s Ford
Hakkam, Jon Fells Brother to Melissa, cousin to Raisa
Hakkam, Lassiter Fells Father of Melissa and Jon, uncle by marriage to Raisa and Mellony; head of the Council of Nobles
Hakkam Lassiter 2 Fells Jon Hakkam’s son; Jon killed in the war
Hakkam, Melissa (Missy) Fells Sister to Jon, cousin and lady in waiting to Raisa; married to Howard; mother of Heath
Hamon Arden Ardenscourt night baker and heavy drinker; nearly killed in fire
Hanalea ana’Raisa Fells Princess Heir to the Gray Wolf Throne; killed in the borderlands; clan name Running Wolf
Hanalea ana’Maria Fells Queen of the Fells at the time of the Breaking, legendary beauty and wise ruler
Harold Arden Apprentice in the healing halls at Arden
Hayden Fire Dancer Fells Member of the Queen’s Council; ambassador and negotiator
Son of Willo, Matriarch of Marisa Pines Camp and the wizard Gavan Bayar, friend of Han Alister’s
Heresford, Amalie Arden Heiress to Heresford Castle, daughter and heir of Brighton Heresford
Heresford, Brighton Arden Thane of Arden, executed by Gerard Montaigne during the Civil War
Howard, Rance Fells Missy Hakkam’s husband, member of the nobility
Hunt Violet Fells Corporal in the Highlanders
Jagger Carthis Pirate, one of Evan’s shipmasters
Jasmina Carthis Shiplord, vassal to Evan Strangward
Jemson, Roff Fells Speaker of the Southbridge Temple; teacher of Han Alister
Jorani Carthis Wave-marked stormsworn to Strangward
Karn, Destin Arden Son of Marin Karn; lieutenant in Arden’s intelligence service, mage
Karn, Marin Arden Commander of Gerard Montaigne’s army in the civil wars, mage
Karimi, Roshan Carthis Shiplord under Strangward
Kenton Fells Commander of one of the salvos attacking Delphi
Kinley, Rush Fells Heir to Kinley House, the third great house of wizardry
Klemath, Bron Fells Heads the mercenary armies of Arden; formerly
General of the Queen’s Armies under Marianna
Klemath, Keith Fells Suitor to Raisa, nobility of the Fells
Klemath, Kip   Suitor to Raisa, nobility of the Fells
Lancaster, Hadria Fells Wizard murdered in Ragmarkeet
LaRue, Georges Arden Bannerman of Botetort
Leili Fens Aunt of Dimitri and counselor to the ruler of the Waterwalkers
Littlefield, Jem Fells Lieutenant under Lyss, commands one of the squadrons in her salvo
Leontus, Master Oden’s Ford Gifted healer and teacher, master of the Healer’s Halls at Oden’s Ford
Mackney, Taz Fells Dealer in rare objects in Southbridge Market
Maggi Delphi Young girl who works in the mines with Jenna
Mander, Arkeda Fells Wizard and cousin to Micah sul’Bayar, younger brother
Mander, Cole Fells Uncle to Micah, father of Miphis and Arkeda Mander; on the Wizard Council; brother of Lady Bayar
Mander, Eugenia Fells Wife to Gavan Bayar, sister to Cole Mander, mother to Micah and Fiona
Mander, Finn Fells Wizard; son of Arkeda Mander and nephew of Micah Bayar; rumored to be the chance child of Micah Bayar
Mander, Miphis Fells Cousin to Micah; elder of the two brothers
Mander, Miranda Kinley Fells Wife of Arkeda sul’Mander, heir to Kinley House
Manhold, Arno Fells Ship-owner from Chalk Cliffs; suitor to Melissa Hakkam
Manhold, Eben Arden Son of Arno; smuggler who works the coast of the Seven Realms
Mara, Wode Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon Byrne at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard; he had a girl back in Chalk Cliffs, and was saving up to marry her; killed at Tamron Court by Markus
Marianna ana’Lissa Fells Raisa’s mother, Queen of the Fells;
Maslin, Akira Carthis Harbormaster under Strangward at Tarvos
Mason, Delia Fells Lieutenant in Lyss’s Salvo
Matelon, Arschel Arden Thane of Arden; originally a supporter of Gerard Montaigne in the civil wars
Matelon Harper Arden Daughter of Arschel Matelon; sister of Halston
Matelon, Halston Arden,
Son of Arschel Matelon; commander of the Ardenine forces in Delphi
Matelon, Robert Arden Younger son of Arschel Matelon, stationed at Delphi under the command of his older brother
Meadowlark Fells Clan name of Alyssa ana’Raisa
Mellony ana’Marianna Fells Princess of the Fells, younger sister to Raisa; daughter of Marianna and Averill Demonai, clan name Daylily; m. Gladwin Barrett
Menard, Father Jean Arden Temple priest at White Oaks, serving as chaplain to the rebel army
Mercier, Thad Arden Captain in the Ardenine army; joins rebellion under Hal
Merrill, Father Jean Arden Master of the healing halls at Ardenscourt
Montaigne, Geoff Arden Second eldest Montaigne brother, Prince of Arden; heir after Henri
Montaigne, Gerard Arden King of Arden and Tamron; youngest Montaigne brother, prince of Arden
Montaigne, Godfrei Arden Third eldest Montaigne brother, prince of Arden
Montaigne, Henri Arden Eldest Montaigne brother, original heir to Arden’s throne murdered at beginning of civil war
Montaigne, Jarat Arden Son of Gerard Montaigne and Marina Tomlin
Montaigne, Madeline Arden Daughter of Gerard Montaigne, princess of Arden
Nazari, Celestine Northern Islands Powerful sorceress, once empress of both Carthis and the Northern Islands
Powerful sorceress, once empress of both Carthis and the Northern Islands
Nazari, Iona Northern Islands Mother of Celestine and half-siblings
Oberon, Danielle Arden Hostage held by King Jarat
Olivette, Bartram Arden Torturer, executioner for Jarat Montaigne
Pettyman, Percival Arden Lord steward of Ardenscourt
Northrup, Jed Fells Member of the Raggers; held in Southbridge Guardhouse
Ragger Fells Han’s mountain pony given to him by the Spirit clans
Raisa (Briar Rose) ana’Marianna Fells Princess heir, then queen of the Fells; Averill Demonai’s daughter; also goes by Rebecca Morley and Brianna Trailmaker
Regina Fells The last free queen of the old line
Remy, Claude Arden Officer who joins Hal’s army; spy for Destin Karn
Riley Delphi Miner, friend to Jenna Bandelow
Rives, Jan Arden Army sergeant, quartermaster
Rogan Fells See Shadow Dancer
Samara, Tully Carthis Served Latham Strangward as quartermaster, now admiral to Empress Celestine
Shadow Dancer, Rogan Fells Son of Cat Tyburn and Hayden Fire Dancer; makes flashcraft
Silvertree, Aspen Fells Fiancee to Rogan Shadow Dancerr
Silvertree, Birch Fells Sister of Aspen
Silvertree, Flicker Fells Sister of Aspen
Silvertree, Sparrow Fells Sister of Aspen, Clan leatherworker at Fortress Rocks
Staunton, Cam Fells Gray wolf assigned to Lyss; son of Nance Staunton
Satunton, Nance Fells Cam Staunton’s mother, killed in the borderlands
Strangward, Evan Carthis Pirate and mage, stormcaster
Strangward, Harol Carthis Ships captain, consort to Iona Nazari, stormcaster
Strangward, Latham Carthis Ships captain, brother to Harol
Suze Oden's Ford An Isenwerk student who’s been in a relationship with Ash; from We’enhaven
Talbot, Hallie Fells A Gray Wolf; classmate of Amon Byrne at Oden’s Ford, member of the Queen’s Guard
Talbot, Sasha Fells Youngest daughter of Hallie Talbot, member of the Queen’s Guard; Lyss’s best friend
Tarvos, Breon d’ Fells A street musician
Thatcher, Matieu Delphi Tavern fortuneteller and entertainer, Delphi
Thornleigh, Braxton Fells Heir to Thornleigh House, son of the minister of state
Thornleigh, Caddis Fells Member of the nobility, acting minister of diplomacy
Tomlin, Liam Tamron Prince of Tamron ; son of Markus, whereabouts unknown
Tomlin, Marina Fells/ Tamron Princess of Tamron; daughter of Markus, King of Tamron; now married to Gerard Montaigne, mother of Jarat, Marcella
Tourant, Renard Arden Student at Wien House, officer in Ardenine army
Torqueville, Jean Arden Sergeant of the King’s Guard, Ardenscourt
Trailwalker Shiloh Fells Matriarch of Demonai Lodge
Trey Carthis One of the Evan Strangward’s Stormborn
Truthteller, Lyle Delphi Fortuneteller in Delphian taverns
Tyburn, Caterina Fells Spymaster and Head of the Queen’s intelligence service; mother to Rogan Shadow Dancer; called Catfire in the camps
Vega, Harriman Fells Wizard healer, director of the healing halls at Fellsmarch
Von, Teza Carthis One of Evan Strangward’s Stormborn
Willo Watersong Fells (clans) Matriarch of Marisa Pines Camp; healer and herbalist; mother of Hayden Fire Dancer