Cinda Williams Chima

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Cinda's Press Kit

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Cinda's author photo Cinda's author photo Cinda's author photo
Photos of Cinda

The Warrior Heir cover The Wizard Heir cover The Dragon Heir cover Enchanter Heir cover Sorcerer Heir cover
Covers of the Heir Chronicles
Five magical guilds (wizards, warriors, seers, enchanters, and sorcerers) battle it out in contemporary Ohio.

The Demon King cover The Exiled Queen cover The Gray Wolf Throne cover The Crimson Crown cover
Covers of the Seven Realms Series
A rebellious princess and a magical thief join forces to defeat wizards behaving badly.

Poster front is The Crimson Crown book cover Poster back has 4 parts - characters, language, places, and synopses of the Seven Realms books  

Crimson Crown poster - very large pdf (14.1 Mb)

Flamecaster paperback cover Stormcaster cover Deathcaster cover

Covers of the Shattered Realms Series

Four novels set in the world of the Seven Realms, in which a new generation confronts old enemies and unexpected magical challenges against a backdrop of war.

Children of Ragnarok cover Bane of Asgard cover

Covers of the Runestone Saga Series

A duology in which a runecaster fleeing from her demon master joins forces with a notorious Vikingr warrior to survive in the human world after Ragnarok.