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US cover - Paperback - A new look for the Shattered Realms!

The design team at HarperTeen put their heads together and decided to launch a new look for the new Shattered Realms series -- beginning with the paperback Flamecaster and continuing with the hardback Shadowcaster. Thisdesign showcases some of my kick-ass characters--the ones that go through hell to get from one end of the story to the other. The paperback cover of Flamecaster, illustrated by Alessandro Taini, features demolitions expert Jenna Bandelow.

Flamecaster cover

US cover - Hardback

Illustrator Sasha Vinogradova and designer Erin Fitzsimmons (overseen by Senior Art Director Amy Ryan) continued the branding established in the Seven Realms series with the hardback cover of Flamecaster. A beautiful cover, but a new look was already in the works.